Top Color Trends for 2017

Just as fashionistas look to Fashion Week every spring for the hot new trends and colors for the coming year, communicators look to the blogs for the next big thing in color for marketing. Here are a couple of the colors and trends experts say you can expect to see popping up in 2017:



Pantone got a head start on 2017 trends in their December 2016 press release announcing their color of the year. Greenery, or Pantone 15-0343, elicits thoughts of nature and freshness. This makes the color perfect for packaging and anything that wants to give the perception of being natural or healthy.  This brighter shade of green is also more eye-catching than the usual understated tones that accompany health-conscious branding.


Color Marketing Group also released their World Key Colors for 2017. For North America, it will be an earthier, yellow-influenced green called Thrive. Thrive also suggests healthy living, along with balance and growth.

Click here to learn more about all of CMG’s World Key Colors.





We’re not talking about neutral colors, although there will be plenty of khaki, brown and other earthy tones to complement all the green making its way into design. This year, we should expect to see an uptick in gender-neutral color use. In complex times, colors such as Violet Verbena, Iced Coffee, and Serenity will give a sense of openness and lack of assumption.


According to DesignMantic’s Color Fads To Look Out For In 2017, “Colors in 2017 are predicted to transcend gender and cultural norms. Vivid bright hues pave way for optimism and excitement, while the color palette is expected to exude quiet stability.”

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