Corporate sponsorship opportunities are everywhere in today’s world- from the chance to put your logo on the t-shirt of a middle school 5K fundraiser to the naming rights of major stadiums. But are these opportunities worth it? Or are you better off spending your company’s money elsewhere? While every company is different, consider carefully before deciding the best route.

Start by thinking of the possibilities. Whether you’re a relatively new company just wanting to gain some brand recognition, or an established business whose customer growth has plateaued, a well-placed sponsorship can put hundreds or even thousands of potential customers’ eyes on your company’s name. Many event sponsorships also include an opportunity for businesses to sell or hand out free samples of their product. If you’re sure someone will become a lifelong customer as soon as they sample your product, this might be the avenue for you. Just be sure to have plenty of branding materials present so they remember what they’re trying.

If you decide to pursue a sponsorship, align accordingly. Before signing on for any kind of commitment, be sure to do your research. Make sure that the mission of the event or venue is something you want your company aligned with. Non-profit fundraisers can be a great opportunity to associate your business with doing good while also influencing potential customers. Plus, these sponsorships often come with a tax break. Some non-profit initiatives can be politically charged and polarizing, however, so consider carefully if you are trying to remain a neutral entity.

Sponsorships can bring your business into a whole new realm of possibilities, but only if done correctly. Branding is key to inspiring and maintaining recognition, and Allegra is here for all of your branding needs.

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