The Psychology of ROYGBIV

Color is one of the biggest deciding factors in everyday decision making! From the clothing you choose, the food you eat, the car you drive to how you decorate you living space, color is making an impact all around you!


Have you stopped to think just how color works? What do colors mean and what kind of emotions can they elicit? When creating eye-catching work for your next project consider the reasons behind the colors you choose.

Lets get started!

RED: Stands for courage/strength/warmth/exciting

Red can be considered “too aggressive” but it is the most attention grabbing color especially when used in brighter or more saturated hues. It can be a color of power & success.

Brands that use RED: Marvel Comics/Netflix/Verizon/Target

ORANGE: Often related to food/comfort/creativity/passion/fun

Orange often stimulates the brain to be equal parts emotionally and physically connected (because of the mix of yellow & red). Your brain sees orange and thinks creativity & fun, focusing the mind on those things.

Brands that use ORANGE: Home Depot/Nickelodeon/Harley Davidson

YELLOW: Associated with happiness/creativity/positivity/nature

Yellow stimulates the brain to have an emotional response and connection to whatever the object or thing may be. It is used to lift spirits, promote friendliness and fun because it is a welcoming color. Because of this “welcome factor” fast food chains often use this color to draw people into their business.

Brands that use YELLOW: IKEA/McDonalds/DHL/Sonic

GREEN: Gives a sense of refreshing/new-ness/environmental awareness/nature and earth

Green lets the brain rest and find a balance because it falls in the center of the color spectrum. We are drawn to green on a primal level because green has always meant survival (aka food). It is often refreshing to the eye and gives a feeling of renewal/reuse, which is partly why you often see the “recycle symbol” in green.

Brands that use GREEN: Starbucks/Garnier/John Deere/Subway

BLUE: Represents intelligence/communication/trust/coolness

Blue is soothing to the eye, it is a calming color that the viewer can get lost in, almost like the sea. However blue can also lack an emotional connection because it is a cool/cold color. The warmer the blue hue the more a viewer may connect.

Brands that use BLUE: Best Buy/Facebook/Twitter (most social media platforms)

VIOLET (INDIGO/PURPLE): Often associated with luxury/spirituality/truth/quality

Violet tones often are used to represent things with high-value, mostly expensive items because it historically has been associated with royalty. It is a deep color, dark hued can go hand in hand with spirituality and meditative practices.

Brands that use VIOLET: Milka & Cadbury/Crown Royal/Wonka/Yahoo

And last but not least a culmination of all the colors in the spectrum (or the absence of all color depending on your view)

BLACK: Associated with glamour/security/stability

Black is often thought to be “too serious” because it comes off cold/lacking emotional connection but there is also something so still and serious about black that it often can be grounding and solidify a connection and seriousness about business, so do not shy away from using it. It is also associated often with high-fashion brands.

Brands that use BLACK: Chanel/Guinness/Prada/MAC

Time to go make the world a more colorful place!