On The Go-Mobile Advertising

In 2016 everything is faster than it was before, are you ready to keep up?

Start with the term “advertising” for companies that can be anything from promotional products (i.e pens, cups etc.) to flyers, door hangers and billboards. Those all can yield some amazing results, however think of all the opportunity waiting for you when your advertisements go MOBILE!

Mobile Ad’s can be anything from configuring your site to link on social media-right at a users fingertips or something greater like a car wrap. Vehicle Wraps can leave 1.26 MILLION impressions a year, think of all the first impressions! Car Wraps are something we here at Allegra Downtown have added to our specialties and your company could be the next up to have a great way to advertise! Not everyone will want to commit their cars for an ad however, that’s okay, but think of all the possibilities for advertising even with a bumper sticker or car window sticker? If this is the route you wish to take make it eye-catching!

Now not all mobile advertising is on vehicles, mobile advertising can take place right at our finger tips. According to SmartInsights.com in 2014 mobile phone users topped desktop users and that number has only continued to grow which begs the question-is your website mobile compatible? If you’re unsure, or it’s not you can check out this link for some tips on how to accomplish that. Mobile users are spending between 5-6 hours per day on social media platforms alone, if you can find a way to optimize your companies ad’s for mobile use think of all the views that could be received from a simple click of a button or link.

If you want to better gear advertisements toward your customer base and beyond but you’re not sure how to find out what that entails try Google Analytics. It is a great way to discover where your frequent “users” are from, geographically, what their age range is, specific gender breakdowns and so on. By knowing this information you can better gear your advertisements or promotions to a broader crowd of people/users.

Lastly one of the most important things to keep in mind is that no matter where you are in the world language is the key factor in getting your business noticed. Are your ad’s available in different language options? Do you specialize in offering help in different languages if needed? If you are trying to reach a wider audience and customer base trying to cross a language barrier could be the key to greater success.

Now go out there and get mobile!