How to get the most out of your direct mail campaign

Direct mail is an excellent way to target current or potential customers either directly or by casting a wide net. Physical mail marketing essentially guarantees that a recipient will at the very least see your piece. Whereas with digital, it’s becoming increasingly easier to delete an email or scroll past an online advertisement without glancing at it. You want your recipient to do more than just see your piece, though. To increase your chances of actual interaction and follow up, you want to take steps towards an effective direct mail campaign.

  1. Determine the right format
    Direct mail pieces come in all sorts of shapes in sizes. There are postcards, large envelopes, small envelopes, full magazines, and sometimes creative self-mailers in odd shapes. When deciding what medium to use, consider your budget and your end goal. For example, postcards are best suited when you’re trying to reach a very large audience with a promotion, because they are usually the most cost effective. If you’re a nonprofit or school, a simple letter with an included remit envelope is best for a fundraising appeal.


  1. Clean up your list
    If you don’t go through your mailing list thoroughly, you could be losing money and customers. Take the time to manually ensure that there are no errors or duplicates. Many times, items will be sent to two individuals at the same address, two of the same item will go to one person because they have a record with a slightly differently formatted address, or a piece will go to a general business address while also going to an individual at the business.


  1. Look for discounts where possible
    If you are part of a nonprofit and doing a large mailing, nonprofit mailing is almost always worth the time and effort it takes to get a postage discount. Be sure to budget enough time to organize correctly and coordinate your account at the post office. Check out the USPS information on Special Prices for Nonprofit Mailers here.
    Even if you are not a nonprofit, you’ll want to cast a wide net when aiming for acquisition. Plus, the more you order, the better the price breaks on printing. If you plan on repeating the same mail campaign later, order the pieces now to take advantage of these discounts.

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