Digital Marketing: The New Frontier

It’s 2016 and everything is digital these days but is your business caught up?

Running a business in the age of technology requires you to be caught up with the digital age. Websites, blogs, social media, email and more are all important keys to making your business a success.

There are more people online now than there are watching TV, reading newspapers, magazines or even books. So how in do you stand out in a digital jungle? Consistency is key! Make sure your website, email blasts, social medias and blogs all are consistently sending the same message to your customers (old and new). Have a plan in place for managing the digital sea of online marketing like posting on specific days, or several times a month. The more you post the more likely you are to be viewed, shared, clicked on etc. This can cause your website to be among the top choices on a google search for any service offered by your company. Use analytics and track your stats on all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc.) and see what is drawing attention and what posts you can leave behind-this is also where keywords and tags can come in handy.

Speaking of keywords and tags Twitter and Facebook are the most followed of the social media platforms & both give you the option to use customized “hashtags” to help track post topics. Hashtags can be searched endlessly by a customer looking for a service you provide or a topic they are interested in. Make sure every post has some tag to get back to your company/post. Remember to update these two often, and use consistent hashtags where someone searching for specific services will come upon you and your business.

Using E-Mail can also be a very effective method to reach a broader audience. With 69% of people checking their e-mail first thing to kick off their days having an effective and consistent email blast set up can be a way to get your customers coming back and also keep them in the loop with the latest offers and new products you may have. Keep in mind 1/4 of mobile users say they will redeem email offers it can be crucial to include a link to promotions in those E Blasts.

The take away as you move forward this year is have a plan, update often, use consistent keywords and keep in touch with your social media outlets.

Happy Marketing!