Creative Ways to Reach Out

Ever wonder how you can reach out to both new and old customers/clients? It can be really simple and dare we say it…fun!

Now we aren’t scientists (although we wish we could be) but we do have tested some ways to reach the far corners of your client base easy and bring back some great business/results for you!

1) Online presence is KEY! Do you update your blog/website/twitter/facebook/google + etc.? If you are then you are on the right track. The more you’re updating the stronger your online presence will be and the higher you will be featured on those great sites like Google. When your clients have constant contact with you it makes it easier for them to keep up with where your business is at and what you can offer for them. So update A LOT and make sure it all makes sense for you and the clients too.

2)Make offers relevant! Always make sure what you’re offering is what your clients are looking for. Take a look at what areas your business has been doing a lot of over a few months and set up specific promotions to target THOSE things. Some examples would be offering discounts on direct mail, promotional products, spend this-get that, refer a friend discounts, new customer discounts etc. When you reach out with offers that are specific to what your customers NEED then you will increase your all around business.

3)Hold an Open House! Depending on your office environment customers may not know if they can “stop by” for a visit or if they are to communicate via internet/phone only, inviting them into your space to see how you work can open some doors! They may come for a visit and see that you offer a service they need but didn’t realize you had, or they may bring someone from another department with and you could offer to more than one area of THEIR business. By inviting them in you’re able to better get to know them and vice-versa.

4)Promotional Products are your friend (and can be shared with your customers friends too!) When we say “promo products” we don’t just mean business cards you can hand out to promote yourself we are talking about: pens, USB drives, water bottles, mugs, stickers, umbrellas, t-shirts, frisbees, sunglasses, notebooks… the list goes on and on! Promotional products tend to stick around much longer than any business card, note pad or simple word of mouth. Give them something they can use! Trust us on this.

5)Do your research! You want your customers to check you out and see what you have to offer them, you should do the same! The more you know about them the better you can accommodate your above listed possibilities! Get to know them before the first meeting or interaction and they will appreciate it immensely. You’d be very impressed if a new client knew some history of your company and what you offer so give them that good feeling as well!

6)Last but not least think of getting VIEWED! Use billboards, posters, murals, signs etc. everywhere you can get them! Reach out to let people know “WE ARE HERE!” (of course if it is not located by where your company is include the address!) By getting signs out there you are increasing your chances of being viewed not only by people who may know about you already but by everyone else too! Word of mouth travels at light speed so use these to increase the chance of people spreading some conversation about your business!

So when considering new ways to reach out to those clients of yours consider some of the above!

Good Luck from your Team at Downtown Allegra!