The Basic Rebranding To-Do List

Even though 2018 is still three months away, the time to plan any big changes is now, especially if you are planning a rebrand, which can be expensive and time consuming. Here are some helpful items to not forget in … Continued

5 Summer Marketing To-Do’s

It’s summer, and since the sun’s out, so is everyone else. With many people in vacation mode, communication efforts always seem to slow during this time. Just because customers and clients are harder to reach, doesn’t mean marketing efforts should … Continued

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

You only need to glance around a local coffee shop and see everyone glued to some sort of screen to realize we live in an increasingly digital world. With businesses increasing investment in digital every year, it seems marketing tactics … Continued

Spring Cleaning

As summer approaches, everyone is thinking “out with the old and in with the new.” For most, this only applies to piles of clutter, dust bunnies or winter clothes around the house. During this yearly cleaning flury, though, the office … Continued

Onwards to 2016!

2015 has been a strong year here at Allegra! Lots of mailers, posters, letterheads, business cards, big business projects, small business projects, commercials, upgrades and so much more! It has been a pleasure for us to do business with every … Continued

Mail Is Here To Stay

Companies utilize the term “mailer” to cover a plethora of different printed material. Mailers can be post cards, self mail flyers, invites, cards with envelopes, promotional materials etc. The best part is that the target audience benefits from all of … Continued