Why your database may be costing you money

Chances are your company no longer keeps its customers in a Rolodex and has moved onto a cloud-based database management system.  While you may be comfortable with the price you’re paying monthly or yearly for that system, you may not realize how much the information in the system might be costing you.


Ten to twenty-five percent of the average database contains incorrect data. [1] That means if you send a direct mail piece to 1,000 recipients, you might be paying for 250 of those pieces to go nowhere.  And even those who receive it may not have the correct contact information associated with their record. One person may even have two records associated with their name. Be sure you are not mailing to Mr. Jim Smith at 123 S Main St and Mr. James Smith at 123 South Main Street.  Even though Jim/James might appreciate the two coupons you sent him, he’ll certainly question your company’s commitment to sustainable practices.


Purchasing a database system is a good first step in database management, but it’s not the only step. Be sure to regularly review your records with a keen eye. An hour of review could save you hundreds down the road.


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[1] The Impact of Bad Data on Brand Creation