Trending in 2015

Every year design evolves and grows this year we have some very awesome trends happening.

Reading through sites like Digital Information World and Insight 180 they have some great call outs for whats hot in the design world and ways to get on board with your brand to make the most of designing this year.

To kick things off “Flat” is in. Gone are the days of bubble letters and shadowed text/photos and here comes the sleek look of flat simplified design. Making a logo to stand out used to mean adding all the bells and whistles now what is attention grabbing is the quiet calm of a simplified logo design. Less is more when it comes to standing out in 2015. Make it minimal, make it crisp, make it easy to read and you’ve got yourself a winning design for any brand, business or logo.

Second hot trend is using a “Grid” layout for websites, artwork etc. Using a layout like this helps the user focus on one thing at a time and not get bogged down in trying to take in too much information all at once, this can go hand in hand with the idea behind flat design work that it simplified everything and allows the reader/user to go at their own pace. This design is successful thanks to websites like Pinterest and Tumblr for laying out their sites in grid form. Celebrate the geometry in your design with this easy to execute layout.

Next and possibly the most important trend is “Type”. Font is everything when it comes to getting your idea across and making it readable is most important. Helvetica beware a new sheriff is in town and it’s name is “Handwritten”. The new stylized versions of hand drawn/rendered fonts are sweeping the design world because they give a personal touch to even the most basic logo or advertisement. The vintage feel has always been popular but much more so in recent years as people want to get back to basics, and using design is very simple way to get there.

Don’t forget about the photos! Photos to use for logos, branding, backgrounds, diagrams etc used to be ruled by stock photo websites now they are being made/created in house by designers or illustrators with serious talent for simplifying. Hand drawn illustrations for diagrams/icons/logos are as popular as that hand done font we mentioned before-it just makes it more personal. The other perk to all the non-stock photo work is that you no longer have to worry about everyone having the same images you have. Don’t get us wrong stock images work incredibly well for a wide range of products/services but when you want to be on trend get out the pen and paper and get to work.

Last but not least we come to color. Color is key and sets the tone for your whole business. A lot of companies are moving away from the black/white/grey color palette and moving toward a more colorful yet refined look of pastel and matte colors for everything from business cards, letterheads and fliers to mailers and websites. This flat color palette can help those design elements mentioned before to stand out and on their own against the calm background of solid muted colors.

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for use it to your advantage and get out there and create!