Top 3 Reasons to Use Large Format Print

In today’s world, it seems as if the digital space is getting larger as attention spans rapidly grow shorter. With so many messages competing for someone’s attention in the moments they glance up from their phone, it’s important to make yours concise and eye catching. Here are the top three reasons you should consider large-format printing to do just that.

• It’s cost effective
For a smaller business, creating a large-format ad or marketing piece may seem out of reach because of the larger up-front cost. With the right content and location, however, a banner, billboard or sign could easily pay for itself. It’s important with this medium to create a large-format piece with prolonged exposure potential- allowing the best bang for your buck. Promoting an event three months from now with a sign that will stay up for the next six, for example, would not be wise.
• Potential views
Targeted marketing is always a good idea, but sometimes it’s necessary to cast a wider net. Foot traffic can generate client and customer engagement not possible with direct mail or social media efforts. And always remember location. Know your city’s geography and demographics and place accordingly.
• Opportunities for creativity
Marketing on a larger canvas opens a world of possibilities. Take a look at some of these creative examples from around the world.

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