Planning for the future of 2018

As we sprint into the back half of the year (seriously, where did the first 6 months go?) it is time to start planning for the very near future of 2018.

There are so many occasions to plan for from holidays and get togethers to donation days and charity events. If you’re looking for some ideas to plan for, or just need a reminder of all the important dates and events you have come to the right place.

September, October, November and December bring us holidays from Yom Kippur & Labor Day to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice and ending the year with a BANG on New Years Eve! That being said there are so many more to plan for in between. Start thinking now of what materials you will need to pull off all of these events. Invites? We can help! Posters for decorating the holiday parties? We can do that Large Format style! Need special promo product items for goodie bags/boxes? We can help you pick the right products for you! Thank you cards and end of the year well-wishes? You guessed correctly, we can help you with all of it! From design work to final product we have you covered you just let us know what you need. Thinking ahead instead of waiting until the last minute is key!

Thinking of giving back this year? Get ready with Allegra for GIVE TO THE MAX DAY. This falls on November 16th and is the 10th annual Give to the Max Day. Companies often will market for this event to ensure that the charities who benefit are getting the absolute most. If you’d like to market for this day think of post cards, hand outs, pamphlets, goodie bags, posters and table top boards to get the word out. Encourage not only your staff but your clients as well to GIVE. Visit for more details.

Looking forward to making a plan to tackle 2019? We have you covered for this too. Books and pamphlets, spread sheets, one sheets and all other meeting materials you may need are at your fingertips with us. If you’re wondering about design, layouts and final products stop in or call any of our awesome sales staff for help. They can be reached here. Let us walk you through the planning process for you and your companies future and take one thing off the planning plate.

One more way to WOW a new client is with promotional materials. Everything from pens, magnets and coasters to frisbees, USB drives and pop sockets can be used to promote your business and impress both existing and potential clientele. We have samples of promo products that we have done in the past, and are always happy to help you decide what route to take for your business. Close out 2018 with a push in sales stemming from your awesome take aways and you won’t be feeling blue heading into 2019.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling now we are also featuring a tasty promotion this month!

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