How To Write An Alluring Video Script


The online video train is one you definitely want to jump on. Weaving its way through the vast channels of the web and erupting on almost every screen in the U.S multiple times a day, video is one of the most powerful forms of communication you can establish with your target audience. As a dynamic and engaging way to convey a message, it aids heavily in consumer decision-making, establishes trust, and gives viewers an opportunity to see your human side.

Aside from the amazing things video can do for your company image and customer engagement, it also provides enormous benefits for your market reach and online rank. A third of all online activity is spent watching video and 50% of all Internet users watch a business related video once a week. Your website is 50% more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine if it includes a video. (

Before you can reap the benefits of this powerful communication method, your video campaign needs to be planned, produced, and published. As a small business in the midst of developing our own online video strategy, we are becoming familiar with the planning and development process. Among the necessary steps of creating a video, I’ve found writing the script to be the most difficult. While researching best practices and watching a slew of online videos in attempts to write a compelling script, I gathered a few tips to share.

1. Define The Main Purpose Of Your Video

Before diving head first into the video-making process, take some time to pinpoint the objective of your video. Are you demonstrating the uses of a new product? Giving a virtual tour of your location? What do you want viewers to take away? Knowing exactly what you’re trying to accomplish will help you construct a clear-cut, organized message.

2. Write Conversationally

Once the goal of your video has been established, the script drafting begins. This is what I believe separates a good video from one that is less appealing. Unless you and your coworkers spend a lot of time in front of a camera, it’s extremely easy for speaking parts to come across as awkward, unnatural, and stiff. To avoid making a video that is painful to watch, write your script as if you are having a conversation with someone. Skip the sales tone and jargon and create dialogue that will flow naturally and feel authentic. This is easier said than done. Doing a table reading a few days prior to your shoot date will allow you to hear the parts out loud and will give your speakers an opportunity to adjust their pieces according to what sounds most natural to them.

3. Make It Memorable

Aside from being genuine, great videos have something extra that draws a viewer in and leaves an impression. Include an intriguing attribute such as humor, emotion, or a story to set it apart from other online videos. A little humor, used in the right way, will entertain your audience and show them your lighter side. Evoking emotion stirs brain activity for higher engagement and recall. Telling a story is a powerful way to make your message stick. People instinctively self-interpret and place themselves in stories, creating a unique story for each individual and a personal connection with the message.

Video is a valuable element to add to your content strategy, however, if done sloppily can end up having a negative effect on your image or credibility. When preparing to make a video, clearly define what you want your viewers to take away, write like you are speaking with your audience, and give it something extra for your viewers to relate to. Keep an eye out for our upcoming videos on our website or on our social media pages at Allegra Downtown Minneapolis.