Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

You only need to glance around a local coffee shop and see everyone glued to some sort of screen to realize we live in an increasingly digital world. With businesses increasing investment in digital every year, it seems marketing tactics are constantly changing. So, where does direct mail fit in? Should we all just accept the inevitable fate of snail mail and ditch it altogether? The answer: definitely not. At least not for most businesses.

Many statistics will tell you that direct mail is still worth the investment. In 2015, 2.5 billion mailed coupons were redeemed. Direct mail also typically generates a better response rate than email, with 4.4% of people responding to direct mail versus 0.12% responding to email. Customers who receive ad mail also spend 28% more than those who don’t.1

This isn’t to say that direct mail is better than email or vice versa. Both still have their merits in today’s world. For most businesses, a thoughtful multi-channel approach is the best bet for getting your message out there. Multiple touchpoints will reinforce brand recognition and increase chances of customer engagement.

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