For building brand awareness, one of the most effective tools is logoed promotional products. According to a 2016 study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), approximately 87 percent of marketers credit promotional products with helping them to reach marketing … Continued

A Handy Checklist for Your Next Trade Show

Any business owner knows that trade shows can be essential for exposing your business. Often, there can be an unspoken competition for which company has the best exhibit, too. You want to get across what your business is about without … Continued

Pantone Announces Its Color of the Year

In its highly anticipated year-end tradition, Pantone announced the Color of the Year for 2018: Pantone 18-3838, or Ultra Violet. While some would suffice to call this color, simply “purple,” Pantone has given the hue a bold name with deep … Continued

Building Brand Loyalty

When your business spends so much time trying to appeal to and acquire new customers, it’s easy to forget that the sale, or maybe donation if you’re a nonprofit, is just the beginning. Ensuring your customer base stays engaged with … Continued