5 Promotional products you may not have considered

Promotional products are a fun way to reinforce your brand recognition and awareness. Traditionally, promotional items are associated with things like pens and Frisbees. While these items do serve a purpose, they don’t always stay in a potential customer’s possession for all that long. When stocking up on materials for your next trade show or event, consider less traditional items that the owner will be grateful to have.

  1. Cell phone card holders
    What it is:
    A small card-sized rubber pocket that adheres to the back of a cell phone case to hold important cards that get used the most

Why it works: People have their cell phones out constantly, giving your logo plenty of visibility

Who it’s great for: College-aged students who need to have their student ID on them at all times; men looking for a modern replacement of the money clip

  1. Portable cell phone chargers
    What it is:
    A rechargeable battery pack with a USB port for a phone charger cord

Why it works: The overnight charge isn’t enough to sustain the average full day of phone use and a portable charger could be a literal life saver in some cases. The owner will subconsciously connect your company to utility and reliability and will likely end up loaning it to friends.

Who it’s great for: Millennials. City dwellers with a long commute.

  1. Snow scrapers
    Why it works:
    During a difficult winter, a person is likely to use their snow scraper (and see your logo) hundreds of times. Given its utility and necessity, this isn’t an item that’s likely to get lost.


Who it’s great for: Anyone with a car in an area with icy winters


  1. Reusable Grocery bags

Why it works: People are moving to clear their conscience and cupboards by avoiding the not so environmentally friendly plastic grocery bag. Some stores and cities across the country have even implemented a fee for using disposable bags. By offering an alternative to the hazardous plastic bags, your company will demonstrate a sense of CSR and concern for the environment.


Who it’s great for: Anyone who purchases their own groceries, especially those of the green mindset or who live in cities with a disposable bag fee.


  1. Hand sanitizer

Why it works: Hand sanitizer is like gum. You rarely refuse it when offered, and you always offer it to those around you when you use it. Associate your brand with health and hygiene with a promotional bottle.


Who it’s great for: Moms with small kids, teachers, frequenters of public transportation, outdoor enthusiasts


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