4 Tips to Make Your Large Format Print Stand Out

Starting up a new business or perhaps having a big sale and want to get a lot of attention? Maybe your organization is having an event and you want to promote it in a big way. Regardless of your purpose, using large format printing is a great way to get big results. And employing some of these design and copywriting techniques can help take your piece to the next level and create some buzz.

  1. Draw some attention

Use your design to catch people’s attention. Use an exciting font, bright colors or maybe an unusual image that gets someone to take a second to consider what they’re looking at. Just be sure to avoid being offensive in any way. Consider the surroundings where your print piece will be displayed and how it can both complement and contrast from what’s around it.


  1. Keep it simple
    You only have a small amount of time to catch someone’s attention and only slightly more before you lose it. Be extremely clear and focused in what it is you’re promoting. You may have the best turkey sandwich in town and want to list all the delicious ingredients, but a mouth-watering image of said sandwich with your logo and nearest cross streets will probably be more effective.
  2. Use emotion

Since your ability to employ text is limited in large-format printing, being strategic with a mix of short copy and imagery is crucial. If you’re a company that uses products or services to solve a problem, make your viewer feel how frustrating and inconvenient that problem is with a short explanation or image of how you solve it.

  1. Focus on branding

The goal of a large format piece should be to have the viewer walk away with a sense of what your company does and promotes, or at least leave them wanting to find out more about you.

Large format posters, banners, signs, etc. are primarily meant to inform. Explicit calls to action should be used sparingly. Establish intrigue first and then let a consumer reach out to you via a simple website, address or phone number callout.

And when in doubt, the experts at Allegra are always here to talk through your large format and other printing and marketing needs.