4 promotional products that (we hope) never go out of style

In a world flooded with digital advertising, promotional items are a great way to give your company and brand a little extra in-person exposure. Though more expensive than a flyer or business card, a promotional product has the potential to advertise your company for years to come, depending on its staying power and utility. Here are some suggestions for practical promotional items that we believe will be appreciated far into the future.

  1. Water bottles
    Today’s consumer is much more health conscious and aware of their environmental impact. Branded, reusable water bottles offer a way to stay hydrated and healthy and cut back on the need for disposable plastic bottles or cups. Plus, they send a subliminal message that the company whose logo is on the bottle cares about the consumer’s health and wellbeing.
  2. Calendars
    Even though the average person possesses a phone, tablet and computer all equipped with full calendar capabilities, the paper calendar has maintained a surprising level of relevance. Some even have a cult-like following with anxiously awaited calendar reveals at the beginning of each year.
  3. Coffee mugs
    Though the vehicle by which we transport our caffeine has evolved, one fact has remained. There will always be morning coffee drinkers. Your company can show its support for the morning pick-me-up on anything from a classic ceramic mug to a vacuum-insulated tumbler.
  4. Note pads

Yes, we live in an increasingly digital world. And if the futuristic science fiction shows are to be believed, soon we will simply be able to take notes with a microchip planted in our brain. However, nothing really replaces the feeling of jotting down a quick reminder or phone number on a nearby note pad. Your company can still show that it’s committed to being green by placing your logo on a pad with recycled or other eco-friendly paper.

Whether you decide to go with the classics above or try something new and trendy, contact Allegra for your promotional item needs. Plus, get 10% off during March.