3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Promotional Products

In the mid 1800’s the owner of a printing press witnessed a child dropping her schoolbooks in the mud and got an idea. He used his press to imprint the advertising message of a friend’s shoe shop on a burlap bag to give to every child who came into the store. The bags were carried and seen all around town, giving the shoe shop a pleasant boost in business—An industry was born.

Fast forward to today: The use of promotional products is popular with businesses large and small. These tangible little investments are consistently effective advertising pieces that provide powerful brand reinforcement. Here are 3 reasons why you should be incorporating promotional products into your marketing strategy:


1.  They Stick Around

 Think about your fridge, your kitchen drawer, your desk. You probably have at least 5, maybe 10, promotional products in your possession at any given time. Many promotional products are useful items that people hang on to for years. This endurance generates high exposure rates—magnets and bags are seen by more than just the original recipient, pens and golf balls are always changing hands. They continue to advertise your brand long after the initial delivery, producing long-term brand impact. Think of them as little gifts that keep on giving.


2. They Create a Strong Impression

The chip clip clenching your favorite snack in your lunch box—You probably remember where it came from. 86% of people who own promotional products remember the advertiser (ASI). The usefulness of promotional products lends itself to high recall-rates and increased brand recognition. You’ll remember the company that gives you a little blue Ninja whose sword conveniently opens your mail each morning


3.  People Love Free Stuff

We’ve all seen it—The guy in the stands who knocks over a small child in a desperate attempt to pluck a flying tee from the air. Promotional products are desirable. People appreciate receiving free things. That appreciation leads to positive feelings that will be associated with your brand each time they see the item.


Promotional products are persistent, memorable, and well received. Visit our promotional product website for thousands of customizable items to chose from. Find something sophisticated, fun, practical, or quirky to target a specific industry or appeal to a certain demographic. Almost anything can be imprinted with your logo or message to promote your business and products in an effective way.